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Ten condom mistakes

Posted On : July 25,2013

Condoms allow young couples to enjoy sex – in a safe way!

For effective protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are the best choice.

But condoms can be tricky and not wearing it properly can reduce its effectiveness.

Majority of the men shares a love-hate relationship with condoms – they feel the coating reduces the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

But at the end of the day condoms save you! Hence there is no room for mistakes. shares ten condom mistakes that couples, especially men commit while using a condom

1. Rushing to wear a condom
In the excitement to take in your lady love, men rush to wear a condom – ignoring probable chances of damages. Minute tears or holes – these are some of the damage which sounds minute but can pose a huge risk later on. Hence it is advisable to check condoms before wearing it. Opening the packet requires your utmost attention.

2. Removal before climax
In the helm of sexual pleasure, men remove their condoms before actually climaxing. The thin coating is meant to prevent you from unplanned pregnancies and STDs, hence keeping it on till the end of the intercourse is advisable. Experts recommend putting on the condom till you ejaculate, otherwise it is equal to not-wearing a protection.

3. Shoving before wearing condom
If you feel that thrusting once or twice without wearing a condom is a safe option, then you have some unsettling news. By doing this you are actually making yourself prone to sexual diseases. For a safe sex, wear the condom before you indulge in the actual intercourse.

4. Same condom for a second round
Well this sounds very embarrassing and yucky too – but there are certain species of men who prefer using the same condom for more than once. They seem to forget that condoms are meant to be used and thrown – just once! Wearing the same or used condom for a second or third round will increase the chances of unwanted pregnancies and skin infections, including rashes in the vagina.

5. Failure to release air from the condom
In haste, men forget to remove the air from the tip of the condom. It is very important to leave some gap between the condoms at the tip to allow the collection of semen. Besides, air present at the tip of the condom can lead to breakage of the coating during ejaculation.

6. Obsession with flavored condoms
Couples today are obsessed with flavored condoms but they contain sugar which is responsible for yeast infections in the vaginas. Though vaginas have a superb bacteria-fighting system but if this system is encountered by any foreign chemicals, it can cause some serious damage.

7. Storing condoms in your wallet
Majority of the men have the tendency to carry their condoms in their wallets. But such a practice makes the condom less effective and dry – causing difficulty in putting in and using it. It is always advisable to store the condom in a cool and dry place to retain the lubricant.

8. Wearing on the wrong side
Whether you are first timer or a regular user – men makes the mistake of wearing the condom on the wrong side. Though there is nothing to be embarrassed about wearing it wrong, but what matters the most is that – removing and wearing it in the right way is of no use!

The effectiveness of a condom reduces when you wear the condom again and the main reason is that the pre-ejaculatory fluids that stick to the outside of the condom can easily come in contact with your partner and thus increasing the risk of STDs and pregnancy.

9. Not checking expiry date
You check the expiry dates for food, drinks, medicines and even cosmetics – so why not your condoms!

Though a condom’s expiration date can be up to 5 years, you have to still do a re-check for the safety of yourself and your partner.

10. Faulty opening ways
Condoms are meant to protect you, hence demands a delicate handling. Never opt for any kind of sharp objects like – scissors, knifes, penknives etc – to open your condom packs. There are chances of the condom getting scratched or damaged. If you wish to have a enjoyable and safe sex, ensure proper tactics of opening.