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No to Yo Yo diets

Posted On : July 16,2013

It is natural to crave for something which is restricted.

The similar can happen to food. Staying away from carbohydrates makes you want it more. This is what happens with yo-yo diets.

Fitness freaks who indulge in this new form of diet should be aware – they can suffer from various medical complications!

Research has proved that those who abide by the yo-yo dieters are programmed to pile on the pounds back. The practice leads to repeated loss and regain of ten pounds or more over a five-year period due to the result of unhealthy starvation dieting followed by overindulgence in food.

Developing a relation between yo-yo diets and binges, a study conducted by Dr Eric Stice at the Oregon Research Institute, US, has found that when calories are restricted, the brain responds to foods such as milkshakes, chocolates etc. Yo-yo diet requires abstinence from food and hence the higher crave for the same.

“Yo-yo diets or yo-yo effect means cyclical weight loss and gain. It resembles the motion of the yo-yo,” said Supriyaa Nair, Nutritionist and Fitness Expert from Mumbai.

There are enough evidences to prove that such a diet is hazardous to the health in the long run. Apart from health issues, there can be various other mental disturbances.

HealthyDunia.com finds out from Supriyaa Nair the effects of yo-yo diets.

“Research suggests that it is much more hazardous to cycle your weight. Such an unhealthy diet can also increase risks of mental distress besides making you indulge in overeating. Apart from this, extreme weight cycling also damages the heart."


“This damage, most commonly involves the cells that line the blood vessels called endothelial cells. When people gain and lose weight repeatedly, these cells become damaged so blood can’t flow freely. When blood flow to the heart becomes restricted, the stage is set for heart attack and stroke,” elaborates Supriyaa.

If you have thought this was enough, there are aplenty other effects.

“Yo-yo diets also make your metabolism more sluggish, leading to easy fat gain when you return to your routine.  For eg: If you go on a low calorie diet the body tries and stores food the next time you eat normally. This happens because the body thinks that it should prepare itself the next time you decide to do something drastic. The body can store calories only in the form of fat and at the same time it reduces the metabolism to conserve energy. So then we have a double whammy situation,” explains the expert from Mumbai.

As the list of health hazards seem to be increasing, it is advisable to shun this diet and prefer better options.

According to her, some of the alternatives are:
· Set realistic goals: If you set unrealistic goals, you won’t be able to stick to it. So take baby steps, be sure you can keep up to it.

· Learn to accept yourself and be positive: Accept and love yourself the way your are. This positive self image itself helps you lose weight. You will surprise yourself.

· Buddy system: Have friends who can motivate you and accept you the way you are. This will ensure you don't fall of the band wagon.

So stop harming yourself and take up healthier ways to retain your figure.