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Secrets to beautiful smile

Posted On : June 29,2013

In Bollywood, yesteryear actress Madhubala is still known for her mesmerising smile, while Madhuri Dixit remains a hot favourite amongst the present generation for her enchanting and pearly white smile.

If you envy people who can smile wide amidst crowd without fear of having bad teeth exposed, well you really need to take out some more time for yours.

Wonder why?

‘Smile is the best makeup that one could wear’, they say.

But if your smile has started giving you worries, then you need to ponder why.

Dr. Aarti Sharma, Consultant Dental Operation at Clove Multi-Super Specialty Dental Care Centres
shares all that you need to know to keep your healthy, white smile intact.

Brushing twice a day keeps the dentist at bay – yes we have heard this time and again. But what many of us wouldn’t have known till now is that how important it is to brush immediately after gulping something dark, say red wine or black tea, and of course after smoking cigarettes or cigars.

For, anything that is dark can stain the teeth - be it even colas, gravies or dark juices. It is advisable to brush immediately after consuming anything dark in colour.

Besides, consuming firm or crisp food items like raw carrots, celery or popcorn can help keep teeth healthy. The best food for teeth, however, remains the apple - also known as the nature’s toothbrush.

If brushing immediately after meals seems not so possible, end your meals with something crisp - it will help in the long run.

While elaborating on good dental habits, it is noteworthy to mention the right way to brush. Yes, you have been brushing since a tender age, but as a matter of fact, many of you don’t do it right. The best way to brush is to not be too easy or too hard on your teeth.

Toothbrush must be placed at a 45-degree angle against the gums, gently moving in a circular motion. Also always use a tooth brush with soft bristle so that you do not injure your gum.

While brushing your teeth, the tongue must not be forgotten. It is necessary to clean the tongue as well every morning. It could be done using the tongue scraper to drive away the bacteria that get built up on the tongue. It is important to change the toothbrush every two to three months.

A little gargle with apple cider vinegar before brushing every morning helps remove stains, kills germs and also whitens teeth. An even more effective way to achieve these results is to brush using baking soda once a week. It could be used just the same way as normal toothpaste is used.

It is very important that after every brush the mouth smells fresh. Though in many cases, it does not. A good solution to this is sugar-free breath mint or mouthwash. However, mouthwash would just do more damage than good if it is not free from alcohol.

Also, flossing teeth day in and day out - say while sitting on the desk, lying on the bed or moving in the car - just every time and anytime you can, could restore the shine of your teeth like never before.

Just a little attention and care from your side and you can be ensured of a healthy, white smile that is sure to win hearts!

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