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Increase your chances of conceiving

Posted On : June 14,2013

Are you eager to start a family but changes in lifestyle odd work schedules and tremendous work pressure taking a toll on your plans? Most of the new generation couples face this problem.

After marriage, planning pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. But due to late marriages, various couple face problem in parenting and their excitement is marred by unexpected and unexplained delay that leads to frustration and confusion.

Most of the time couples are unaware about the reasons of failure even after monthly period of woman and it creates disappointment in couples.

Some women believe that somewhere in the middle of the menstrual cycle there are days when the chances of getting pregnant are higher. Though partly true, it is not always necessary that every woman ovulate in the middle of their cycle. Ovulation day depends on the menstrual cycle length of the female and varies from women to women.

According to a latest research, this problem can be resolved by just a minor kit. This research explains that most women are not aware that it is only on 2 days of any month that her chances of getting pregnant are highest and knowing those 2 days can significantly improve her chances of getting conceiving.

These 2 days are days after ovulation when 1 single egg is present in a woman’s system. The egg survives for not more than 2 days and hence her chances of conceiving are highest on these 2 days.

Habitually, women keep track of their ovulation by counting the days on a calendar from the last day of periods. However, any minor error or misjudgment can easily make one miss these 2 crucial days of their cycle. Moreover one should remember that, missing 2 days is as good as missing one whole month!

Also, according to a study published in a journal, Human Reproduction, tests which detect the hormone responsible for ovulation are far more accurate and convenient in confirming the exact days of ovulation compared to manual counting and temperature methods.

However to detect the ovulation at the right time and at home is through an ovulation detection kit. This easily available kit detects the hormone responsible for ovulation in the body. The surge in this Luteinizing Hormone (LH) tells you the 2 days of your cycle when you are most fertile. Hence, by having intercourse on these day can results in faster pregnancy.

Once the test indicates a positive result, it means the body has started the process of ovulation and that day, followed by the next day are the two best days to conceive. In this way, the couples can plan and take time off for themselves well in advance.

Home based detection kit gives 99% accurate results through urine analysis.

The writer is Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.