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Seduce your love with titillating aromas

Posted On : June 05,2013

Did you ever wonder why Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love, endears sensuous aroma of love petals so much that she always keeps her love nest swathed with them?

Because she knows it very well that aroma is one of the most exquisite aphrodisiac, and why wouldn’t she? After all she masters the art of seduction!

But no worries if you do not excel in the art of love, you can always add zing in your sex life. talks to our expert Blossom Kochhar, renowned aroma therapist and brings you the best aroma to suit your mood and stir up your seductive senses:

Ylang Ylang:
Considered as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, ylang ylang increases libido and attraction between lovers. It energizes you, intensifies eroticism and is good for sexual experimentation.


The oil works best for females, especially when it comes  to balancing the hormones. It has a tonic effect on the reproductive  organs, and can work best to boost sexuality.

Jasmine lifts the mood and adds into the energy levels. Traditionally, it is used to combat frigidity, impotence and premature ejaculation, thanks to its powerful erogenous effect.

It's a powerful aphrodisiac that works best to make up for a sensuous seduction act and some naughty flirting. It is used to combat frigidity and increase libido particularly in women.



Lavender increases blood flow to genitals and enhances female sensitivity.


It works wonders for men. The sweet, woody exotic scent enhances physical sensuality and makes lovers more sexually-liberated. Considered a sexual restorative, it induces a state of calmness and serenity and relieves nervous tension.