Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kartavya Healtheon to expand in disease management

Posted On : May 22,2013

Kartavya Healtheon, a leading pioneer in ‘patient care management’ across the country announces the roll out of their chronic disease management (DM) services in evolving countries like Dubai and South Africa.

Besides, expanding the DM services to patients of chronic diseases, the company will provide patient care support programs like- counseling, diet & nutrition, disease awareness and medication adherence into disease management hubs.
In a bid to grow the company’s margin and make priomary healthcare available in the concerned countries, Kartavya Healtheon is eyeing to enlarge their DM portfolio by providing preventive and self-managed care to patients.
Kartavya Healtheon’s CEO Mr. Vikram Srivastava said, “We felt a need as we received many queries that made us to think about it. We see a great potential in these countries as Disease management is gradually picking up pace. We have aimed to make this sector more organized by targeting Africa and Middle East.
“In order to control the viral spread of the chronic illnesses, we at Kartavya Healtheon will soon introduce the concept of self-controlled patient management through subscription based model. In India, by next 1 year we will come out with various programmes for chronic disease which would significantly reduce the healthcare burden cost on patients and provide better outcome of the treatment / therapy.”
Chronic diseases like cancer, hepatitis B, HIV and diabetes are increasing rapidly across the country. There is also a continuous gap in chronic care and lifestyle condition awareness, screening and behavioral modification.