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How to best maintain your oral Health?

Posted On : April 02,2017

Do you also think that you will eventually lose your teeth as you age? This is only a misconception. If one pays enough heed to oral care, one can keep their teeth for longer and avoid several dental problems. If one digs deeper, one can find scores of root causes for all the dental worries. Accumulation of plaque, cavities, dry mouth, improper nutrition, deep teeth crevices, tooth grinding and many more such reasons could be at the crux of most of the dental problems. These issues can be avoided through very simple steps included in an oral care routine.

An issue which is at the crux of most of the oral health issues is accumulation of plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance or a mass of bacteria that grows on the interior portions of your mouth. It is very commonly found between the teeth, above the teeth, on the teeth, along the gum lines and on chewing surfaces. It is naturally formed and hence cannot be prevented. However, if the plaque that is formed is not removed through thorough brushing and flossing, it causes an acidic reaction on the teeth leading to the development of hardened calculus also known as tartar. Calculus, once formed is very hard and cannot be cleaned using a toothbrush. It could solely be cleaned through professional oral help. This is rooted as one of the major problems of dental decay. It is highly recommended that one takes enough care to remove plaque on a daily basis to avoid formation of calculus.

In order to remove plaque, it is necessary to observe a consistent oral healthcare routine. Simple steps like brushing and flossing everyday help in proper plaque removal. In order to make the most out of brushing, one can inculcate an electric toothbrush that is designed to remove more plaque into one’s oral care routine which will help prevent the accumulation of plaque in the mouth. These electric toothbrushes remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular toothbrush. A manual toothbrush doesn’t provide as deep cleaning as compared to an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrushes come with high tech features that remove more plaque. 

Electric brushes like the one from Oral-B which was just launched in India, have superior 3D cleaning action with oscillating rotating and pulsating technology that breaks up the plaque and removes it easily.  Dynamic movement of this rechargeable electric toothbrush removes up to 100% more plaque vs a regular manual toothbrush. Certain external elements of the brush like the round head enhances the brush’s performance.  The round head characteristic of the brush helps it surround each tooth and helps reach the difficult to reach areas.

While the right technique of brushing helps remove plaque, it is also important to brush for the right amount of time to ensure complete oral health. Dentists recommend that one must brush twice a day for 2 minutes. However, most of us are usually in a rush and we cut short the brushing time. In order to remind one to brush for the right amount of time, these electric toothbrushes feature an on-handle timer that alerts when one has brushed for the dentist recommended 2 minutes. As it is also important that you brush equally in all parts of your mouth, Electric toothbrushes have the feature which alert you when it is time to change to different quadrant of your mouth.

Certain times, people tend to focus on rigorous cleaning which in turn damages sensitive parts of gums. Over brushing is a common phenomenon among several people. To avoid this, visible pressure sensors have been designed. The visible pressure sensors light up to alert when you are brushing too hard.

While toothbrush can help remove the plaque from outer surfaces of the teeth, it does not help much in getting rid of plaque that is formed in between the teeth. One needs to floss in order to remove plaque from these areas. It is crucial that one must inculcate flossing in their daily oral care routine to ensure plaque removal from all areas of the mouth.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Inculcate the right oral care habits right from today and make way for better health.