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Golgappa with Citrus Veggie Salad

Posted On : July 22,2015

It's that time of the year again!

Monsoons are probably everyone's favourite season and bring back a familiar nostalgia of raindrops on hot earth and fond memories of tangy and tasty bites hot from the kitchen.

We have a few ideas of just how to make your stay indoors all the more delicious.

pakodas are an all-time favourite, how about something a little more experimentative that is sure to wow you! speaks to experts from Cremica who 
brings fusion to your kitchen with recipe of chatpata Golagappa with Citrus-Veggie Salad.

While these make for perfect meals, this culinary blending of cultures is more popular than ever, offering a truly gastronomical experience for all the foodies and the perfect food for a rainy day.

 1 Fresh Juice Orange
 1 Fresh Grapefruit
 1 Fresh Lemon
 2 tbsp. of each Capsicum Red-Yellow and Green Fine diced
 2 tbsp. Onion fine diced
• Cremica Imli Pudina Chataka as needed
 Small Pani Puri Shells approx. 18 pos (3 per person)

• Peel the Citrus Fruits and cut in to small dices
• Mix well with thevv other Vegetables and keep on a strainer to drain
• Season with a bit Salt and Pepper
• Break the Pani Puri Shells on the Top and fill with the well drained Veggie Mix
• Pour the Cremica Imli Pudina Chataka on Top and serve immediately or the Shells will soften up.