Monday, March 19, 2018

Convex Corporation launches male condoms

Posted On : June 22,2015

Convex Corporation, a leading healthcare and engineering products’ company, has introduced ‘Convex’ male condoms in India.

Targeted at consumers across SEC A and B, between 18 to 45 years of age, the company plans to strengthen its portfolio in the sexual wellness segment.

The company has simultaneously started the export of ‘Convex’ male condoms to Middle East and UK.

The size of the male condom market in India is estimated to be about INR 1200 crores, of which Convex plans to command about 8 to 10 % market share over the course of the next 2 years.

“Owing to the accessibility and affordability factors, male condoms have emerged as one of the most popular form of contraception in India. Increased awareness amongst youngsters about family planning and sexually transmitted diseases has been instrumental in driving the growth of the condom category in the country,” said Chetan Ghuwalewala, Director, Convex Group.

“The affinity of people towards online shopping provides us an opportunity to offer condoms, through eCommerce websites in a discreet and convenient manner. Riding on the trend, we plan to make ‘Convex’ condoms available through multiple online channels in the near future,” Ghuwalewala added.

‘Convex’ condoms are available across a wide range - plain, textured, flavoured, aloe vera and coloured variants. The product is offered in two SKUs- pack of 3 units priced at INR 24, and pack of 10 units priced at INR 80.

The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Pune, along with an advanced digital technology plant, a sophisticated laboratory and an in-house R&D team.