Friday, September 21, 2018

Mango Dip & Kiwi Salsa

Posted On : April 23,2015

Summers are no longer dreadful with these easy recipes for snappy appetizers.

Perfect for a family get together, a pool party or even a weekend picnic, these easy summer recipes by Cremica are the quickest way to become the toast of any party.

The last thing you want to do is spend time in a hot kitchen! These easy, breezy recipes are not only east to make but are absolutely mouth-watering and will leave you wanting more.

These recipes from Cremica are sure to make your summer shine!

Mango Dip

 1/2 pc of mango fine copped
 3 tbsp Cremica veg mayonnaise
 Salt& pepper as per taste

- Split the mango in 2 portions.
- 1 portion blend in the mixer with the mayonnaise.
- To a fine paste, add the rest of the mango and season with salt and pepper.

Kiwi Salsa

 1 kiwi cut in small cubes (assure the kiwi is not to ripe or it could mash up)
 2 tsp of tomato fine chopped
 ½ tsp of coriander fine chopped
 1/2 cup mexican salsa

- Mix all ingredients and season with salt and pepper.