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35% Women above 50 have breast cancer

Posted On : February 02,2015

Cancer is a health concern in India and among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide.

It accounts for around 7% of the roughly 9.5 million annual deaths (Million Death Study).

4th February is World Cancer Day, a global initiative developed by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer. 

A recent Abnormality Report put together by Indus Health Plus, preventive health check-up specialist from Jan to Dec 2014, has revealed that Mumbai accounts 29.7% of breast cancer cases. Almost 12 % of females between the age group of 35 – 45 years are at higher risk of breast cancer.

More than 35% of those women in the age group of 50 and above have been detected with breast cancer. 10-12% of females were ignorant about the silent symptoms of breast cancer.

5 % of women are at higher risk of cervical cancer. Obesity, late marriage and delayed child-bearing for women have increased breast cancer risk. 10% of females and 12% of males were detected with risk factors that could lead to head & neck cancer. Obesity has led to 35 – 45% increase in cancer cases among the population.

While both men and women reported abnormalities in their abdomen which could be the risk of cancer, 18% males in the age group of 45-50yrs are at a higher risk of prostate cancer. 60 to 70 % of cancer cases were detected in second last and last stage of cancer.

With more than 55-60% of males in the age group of 35-45yrs who have the habit of smoking and consuming tobacco are at the risk of mouth cancer. It has been observed that thyroid, larynx and other kinds of mouth and upper respiratory cancers are on a rise in Mumbai. More than 35% of males and females in the age group of 28-40yrs are at a high risk. Adaptation of a western lifestyle-an increased prevalence of ill-defined series of reproductive, hormonal and dietary determinants in the populations-has been postulated as a primary reason for the increasing cancer incidence rates among Mumbaikars.

Those going to college and working population between the age group of 25-35years have been observed to have smoking and junk food habits. This has aggravated the cases of cancer in Mumbai. Cancer risk amongst population has increased due to consumption of alcohol, red meat and sedentary lifestyle. Obesity and stress has also increased the risk of cancer.

Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus said, “Stomach and lung cancer are on rise in India. Oral cancer is rising amongst men and breast cancer is affecting younger women in the age group of early 30’s. The abnormality report indicates that most of the cases are a result of negligence towards one’s health & lack of knowledge about the disease.”

“In India, 70 per cent lives are snuffed out in the first year, due to late detection of cancer. 80 per cent patients consult doctors at a stage when recovery is rare. Therefore it is necessary to generate awareness on cancer and its prevention to fight the malady. Preventive check-up and early detection helps in effective treatment and also increases life expectancy” added Mr. Naikawadi.

Experts are in opinion that 70-80% of cancer patients are diagnosed at a late stage when treatment becomes extensive and prognosis poor. Early detection not only saves life but also a lot of money, mental ordeal & physical trauma of the patient and the family.