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Inactivity more deadly than obesity

Posted On : January 20,2015

Do you live under the impression that having a slim physique and average weight rules you out from the list of people who need to exercise daily? If yes, there is an urgent need to shed this misperception.

Obesity may be a potentially deadly condition but inactivity or lack of physical exercise can be even more dangerous.

In a nutshell, exercising daily is a necessity, for all people – slim, fat, men, women, old or young. 
With a new Cambridge University study highlighting yet again the potentially fatal consequences of leading a couch potato lifestyle, Indian Medical Association has come out with a strong endorsement for making exercise a daily habit.

Underlining the need for physical exercise and the pertinence of weight control, the national association of medical practitioners has listed 10 recommended Do’s & Don’ts for people to follow in daily life.

According to IMA just a little bit of exercise, such as 20 minutes walking a day, is extremely beneficial regardless of whether people are overweight/obese or not. Twice as many premature deaths can be attributable to lack of physical activity compared with the number of deaths attributable to obesity.

In a joint statement Dr A Marthanda Pillai, National President and Prof Dr K K Aggarwal, Secretary General of IMA pointed out that inactivity refers to having a sedentary job with no reported recreational physical activity. The condition which is widely common among urban Indians, particularly those who have affluent lifestyles and work profiles.

The experts, both Padma Shree awardees referred to the Cambridge study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition while listing their recommendations.

“Although we found that just 20 minutes would make a difference, we should really be looking to do more than this — physical activity has many proven health benefits and should be an important part of our daily life,” said the experts.

IMA recommendations: Small steps that can make a huge long-term difference to your health:

1. Take the lift from first floor and not ground floor if you need to go higher up.
2. Park or take your car or any other vehicle few minutes distance away from the destination.
3. Use the land phones at home so that you need to walk a little bit before you take the call.
4. Try to use remote control of TV less often.
5. When receiving a mobile call, get up and walk.
6. While watching TV sit and bike on a stationary cycle. It will also add to the exercise.
7. Instead of luncheon meetings believe in walk on (while walking) meetings.
8. Keep a count and try to achieve walking 10,000 steps in a day.
9. When eating in a party, stand as far away from the servings table as far as possible. You will get a chance for a good walk and you will also eat less.
10. Always get up and receive and drop the guests as a routine. This is good courtesy and also will give an opportunity for a little bit of walk.