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7 wonder food components for pregnancy

Posted On : May 10,2013

There is no joy in the world that probably match up with the joy of expecting a baby. Even the thought of a little tiny creature embracing your motherhood can fill you with immeasurable ecstasy and happiness, making your pregnancy period one of the most memorable epochs of life. 

The roller coaster ride of pregnancy, gives you morning sickness, makes you throw up, sometimes gives you mood swings or makes you irritable and yet you are incredulously happy with the prospect of having a baby in your arms soon. However, keeping yourself and your baby sufficiently nourished is one of the most important requirements of the time.
At times advices pouring from all around can leave you baffled about what to eat and what not to. Experts suggest that eating right in pregnancy is all about making smart choices.

HealthyDunia.com and Mumbai-based Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant Supriyaa Nair brings you the 7 wonderful foods which you should imbibe in your diet to keep yourself and your baby in the best of health.

Folic acid : 
Also known as Vitamin B9, folic acid or folates, is incredibly essential during pregnancy. The role of Folic acid in pregnancy involves as critical biological functions as formation of DNA (genes), prevention of congenital (inborn) defects and neural tube defects (a congenital defect in which development of the brain and spinal cord remains incomplete).
By incorporating green leafy vegetables like spinach, turnips etc., egg yolk and citrus fruits in your diet, you can ensure that are not falling short of this vital nutrient.  
Iron : Iron is one element in which you are likely to be trailing. Iron is an essential mineral that helps our bodies to transport and release oxygen to all our cells. Giving the fact that pregnancy increases burden on your blood, lack of iron could lead to anaemia and low birth baby.
Since iron is found in a large variety of foods, getting yourself packed up with it is not at all difficult. All you need is to imbibe, lots of vegetable, pulses, beans, fishes, eggs and fruits especially rich in Vitamin C (which facilitates absorption of iron in body), in your diet without fail.
Zinc and Calcium : Zinc and calcium are tow very important in pregnancy. Zinc is important to promote the healthy development of your baby’s nervous system and to reduce the risk of infection, while calcium is required for strong bones.
Foods like chicken, milk, egg, almonds, peas and yoghurt are good source of Zinc, while green leafy vegetables, dairy products, fishes, nuts and oilseeds are good source of Calcium, incorporating these in diet would help you meet the daily requirement of these minerals and would keep your child healthy and strong.
Protein : Proteins provide the basic building of the body. Every tissue of your developing baby, involved in creating his organs, skin or beautiful features, all of them utterly rely on the amount and quality of protein you are taking. So, lacking in protein during pregnancy could a mistake, you might never forgive yourself for committing.
Good source of protein include egg, fish, non-vegetarian food, pulses, beans and dairy products, imbibing these in your diet would help you get sufficient protein for your body to help it make more comfortable for your baby, and for the baby growing inside. 
B- Vitamins : B Vitamins (Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and folic acid), is group of essential vitamins required to carry on proper growth and development of the baby in pregnancy. Basically involved in releasing energy from the food which you eat, B Vitamins are extremely important for healthy skin and nervous system of your baby.
So, the foods including dairy products, eggs, wheat germ, nuts, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fruits, fortified breads, breakfast cereals and meat, being good sources of B vitamins, should always make a good portion of your diet during pregnancy. 
DHA : Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid which makes the basic primary structural component of the brain, cerebral cortex, skin, sperm and retina, is extremely important for your baby. There are several researches which show that insufficient DHA during pregnancy could interfere with the cognitive development of child and reducing his attention span and eye-hand coordination, in later lives.
Omega 3 fatty acid rich fishes are best known source of DHA. Egg and organ meat are also known to have small amount of DHA.  
Fibre : Fibre helps to keep to your system clean and makes you feel easy throughout. Although fibre also makes one of the trickiest foods, which is known to alleviate constipation but alongside could also lead to constipation, if its high intake is not properly complimented with equally high amount of water.
Fruits, vegetables and whole cereals are good sources of fibre. Taking all these regularly would help you keep yourself irritable free, just in right spirit to embrace motherhood.