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Latest on the shelf: Body, a Guide to Best Body

Posted On : May 09,2013

Baffled with the advice of a whole lot of fitness experts whose “expert guidance” is leading you nowhere close to your objective? Probably now you have an answer to your spectrum of concerns.

International trainer Kris Gethin, who has helped Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan achieve fitness for upcoming sci-fi film Krrish 3, has launched his book titled ‘The Guide to Your Best Body’.

The comprehensive book claims to provide you with every single detail you might be looking for as far as fitness is concerned.

Lately, a rise in lifestyle diseases and obesity related concerns has caught the attention of experts as well as of common folks, leading to a sharp increase in their interest towards ways of achieving and sustaining absolute health.

With so many books on fitness and diet already flooding the book shelves in the market, it often becomes difficult to pick and chose the right one.

Gethin is a master trainer who specializes in body building methods, and who else to endorse his book other than Roshan Junior, the heartthrob with a super fab body.

“One need not starve to get a perfect look. One needs to be happy with their body,” said Roshan, who is keen to recommend the book to everyone in Bollywood including his fans.

The book, which was launched on May 8 by Roshan Junior, is a comprehensive plan that promotes health from inside out, starting right from breaking down the mental blocks that are holding you back from building up the muscles on your body, to fortifying you with scrumptious yet healthy food.

Rather than subtracting things from your life -- cutting out the calories, saying goodbye to all the food you loved -- the book focuses more on how to add more of the right things: more muscle, more support, and more success.

Considering that motivation is the key factor that drives people to bring a permanent change, ‘Guide to Your Best Body’ would certainly help you activate your inner motivation glands. People, who have been struggling with fitness for quite a long time, could achieve spectacular, lasting results by following the best practices of fitness.