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Milkshakes: The ultimate thirst quenchers

Posted On : July 31,2014

With monsoon at our fingertips, people are already lapping up frozen treat and cold drinks to beat the heat.

And what better way to quench thirst in monsoons with the humble ingredients of seasonal fruits and blended together in a milkshake that is not just healthy but tastes great too?

Milkshakes make for a perfect healthy alternative to the sugary icy drinks or just flavoured milk for a hot day!

Nutritionist Ritika Samaddar, Tetra Pak shares the goodness of shakes with

Milkshakes – The Goodness of milk and richness of fruits

If one doesn't like milk, there is no reason to stay away from the nutrition that it offers. Milkshakes are a great blend of milk, fruits that make it a wholesome meal. A glass of milkshake has the capacity to keep one satiated for a long time, as that one glass contains necessary vital vitamins and nutrients to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Fruits in milkshakes are a rich source of vitamins and dietary fiber for better digestion. Most fruits, like strawberries, mangoes and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which help combat diseases and help boost the immune system.

Relished by the Young and the Young at heart
Milkshake is no ordinary tasty treat. This creamy concoction is savored by people of all age groups and is fit for all occasions. It serves as a perfect snack for any occasion, from parties to quick breaks; one can enjoy milkshakes at any time of the day. Mothers, who are always on a look out for nutrition and quality for their kids can chill milk packages and toss it in their lunchboxes and sports bags for a healthy nutrition kick.

A rich diet for mornings ‘on the run’
In the time, when everybody is on the run, people tend to miss out on the most important meal of the day. Milkshakes, especially the ones come in packaged formats provide a healthier choice to modern, hectic, on-the-go lifestyle. These shakes at breakfast are a great way to flood one’s system with nutrients before – or while-one heads off to work. One can guzzle them on the go; they are tasty, packed with nutrition and easy to digest.

Packaged milkshakes are available in delicious variants such as Mango, Banana, Strawberry comprising all the nutritional properties necessary to keep the body healthy and fit in our day to day lives.

They rejuvenate our body, cool the system from inside and boost one’s energy level to make them fitter, stronger and healthier, while also helping in the process of digestion.

Now that we have a healthy product like milkshake, it is important that the on-the-move consumer receives it in a safe and hygienic package. The milk used in shakes, is processed using aseptic Ultra High Temperature (UHT) technology and then packaged in protective cartons. The packaging material safeguards the nutritive value of the product from contamination as well as from harmful exposure to the sun. It also maintains freshness and nutritional quality of the end product. Moreover, they do not contain any preservatives.

So make your summers cooler with these delicious milkshakes perfect for a hot day!!