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Take care of your Child Skin

Posted On : July 25,2014

A new born baby is most vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and skin infections as it is tender with least immunity.

This article details various kinds of common illness among babies during the monsoon season.

The Monsoon season provides some cool relaxation after a hot summer.

Rain also brings humid weather, flooded roads, mosquito’s diseases etc. You can help your baby to enjoy the Monsoon season with all precautions. speaks to Dr Pankaj Aggarwal, M.D. – Homeopathy provides health tips to prevent newborn from skin infections during the monsoon:

 Don't overdress your baby. Loose fitting, light cotton clothes are the best. If it gets cold, then a light jacket with some pants or leggings should be just enough to keep him warm. Keep a thin blanket handy.

 Keep your baby away from people who have skin infections.

 Trim your baby's nails to prevent him scratching and spreading the infection.

 Keep your baby clean to prevent the buildup of sweat, dirt and grime on his skin. Give him regular baths or wipe him often with a clean wet cloth.

 Keep your baby dry. Ensure that you dry your baby thoroughly after a bath, especially in the areas where the skin folds.

 Keep your surroundings clean and insect-free. Insect bites, like wasp stings or spider bites, can cause serious allergies or worsen an infection. If this happens, consult your doctor immediately.

To conclude, let’s not panic that monsoon is on! Nature is always in flux, so is the living beings are. The thoughts and cells of human being are also in flux.

Monsoon is the natural phenomena and we are born out of nature then how can it be harmful to us. Only reason is we are going away nature! Homoeopathy, based on natural laws, is there to protect you and your children.

Go with nature and go with homoeopathy and keep HEALTHY….