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Indian Fitness Market: The booming industry

Posted On : July 23,2014

Health and fitness Industry is growing by leaps and bounds with the changing life styles.

Favourable demographics with rising disposable incomes in the hands of younger generation are the key factors that is routing ahead the fitness market in the country.

As per, the Indian fitness and slimming industry constitutes about 8 per cent of the wellness market.

According to industry estimate, fitness industry worldwide is now projected to be a whopping Rs 50,000 Crores industry by 2030, which means the competition is going to be tougher in the years to come.

Weight training, Aerobics, staying in shape is now getting more and more popular in all age groups and it is certainly becoming one of the favourite things to pursue. A fitness/gym franchise is a lucrative business option if you have passion for gyms. speaks to Ms Swati Chatterjee, Director, RDX Gym & Spa to explore more angles on booming fitness industry:

a) What prompted you to enter Indian fitness Industry? Do you find the industry any different from its international counterparts?
- Indian Fitness industry is still in its nascent stage, though we see so many gyms and fitness centers at every nook and corner. But an organized thing is still missing. You would be amazed to know, that in India no certifications are needed to become a fitness trainer, you just need to have looks and great body. Whereas internationally anybody cannot be a trainer, in western countries complete certifications has to be taken before becoming a fitness trainer. I strongly believe we need to be more disciplined, organized as an industry.

b) What are the major fitness concerns that today's generation faces?
- Today's generation lifestyle has gone for a toss. We all end up doing maximum mental activity with zero physical activity. The result can be seen in form of obesity, rising blood pressure, diabetes, infertility etc. Though now Indians are becoming health conscious and hitting gym rigorously, but still we have a long way to go.

One should visit gym not with the idea to lose weight or look beautiful but it should be with an aim to become internally fit.

c) What is the minimum investment required for setting up a gym?
- It varies but a decent fitness center or gym needs minimum of 1 crore of investment. And this is not one time investment but any good gym needs heavy maintenance cost. Machinery break down is a very common phenomena, that's why ideally gyms should be well insured.

d) What are the latest fitness trends in India? Do you think Indian consumers get influenced by international trends and fads.
- Definitely Indians are greatly influenced by international trends and fads. Like nowdays Masala Bhangra, is the latest import from west after yoga. Few more fads which have become popular in India are Spinning, Twerking, Pound, Cy-Yo etc. Following west is not bad, but we have to keep in mind there body structure is very different from ours, so the exercises which fits in their culture, might be a total misfit in ours.

e) What are your future plans concerning RDX Gym and Spa/ expansion plans?
- We are part of Pardesi Group and growing steadily. Our parent company is majorly into Hotels and Resorts, Real estates and fitness. We have five branches across Delhi and NCR,located in Gurgaon, Dwarka, Rohini , Pitampura and Sonepat. We are planning to open one more branch in Indrapuram.

RDX envisions an investment of 50 million in 2 years and opening 10 new fitness clubs across India by early 2015 with the  most innovative gyms, at the forefront of developments in exercise technology, methodology, and management. Ensuring that every minute spent in our clubs is truly an experience.

With a wide range of professional cardio vascular and resistance machines from across the world with certified fitness trainers selected specifically to reflect all possible aspects for preparing to get FIT.

Our services include personalize fitness programs, certified trainers,power yoga, Aerobics Xplosion, Spinning studio/RPM, HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training), Abdominals classes, Kick Boxing, Diet Consultation, Personal Training facilities.

f) How is the growth story uptill now? Are you satisfied with the responses you are generating?
- The growth story uptill now has been great. We started with 1 center and now have 5 centers across Delhi-NCR. We are so motivated with the response that we have major expansion plans in our mind.

The facts and data clearly indicate that the fitness boom is here to stay. The Indian Fitness & Slimming Industry is set to ride high with all levers in place. Growing disposable income of the people coupled with rising awareness of a healthy body augur well for the Industry. Significant changes in lifestyle related to lack of physical activity and increased consumption of fast food among both affluent and working class population has led to greater need for healthy lifestyles.

But the biggest question faced by Indian fitness industry is when will it become organized and disciplined?

On international pattern we also need strict regulation and licensing in place. The trainers need to be certified, no more good looks and good body will be the eligibility criterion to become gym trainer. It’s a long way to go for Indian fitness industry.