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Monsoon and Health

Posted On : July 15,2014

Getting a rain bath will be a bliss but rainy season come along with many diseases like Diarrhea, Jaundice etc.

We need to be careful about the food we eat and the drink we intake.

During the rainy season, our digestion is weakened and thus it is most likely to go out of balance.

Nutritionist Ms Priti Seth from Pachouli Spa & Wellness shares some handy tips with which one must follow during monsoon to be fit and healthy:

It’s good to have leafy vegetables all around the year except during the monsoon. The reason being, when these veggies are plucked from their roots, the wet mud and dirt gets tagged along too. And if these veggies are not washed carefully they can give you allergies or even an upset stomach. Generally opt for pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbage, ladies finger and more, as they do not have stem or root.Vegetables recommended during the rains are the non-leafy ones such as snake gourd (turi), gourd (dudhi), pointed gourd (parwal), yam (suran), cluster beans (gavaar), apple gourd (tinda) and bitter gourd (karela).

It is better to stick to seasonal fruits because non-seasonal ones tend to be infested with worms during the monsoons. Among fruits, stick to pomegranates, mangoes, bananas, apples, litchees and cherries. Fruits are the ideal food as they restore energy. But avoid watermelons and muskmelons and opt for mangoes, apples, pomegranates and pears, among others. But excess of anything is harmful. Gorging too much on mangoes can lead to pimples.Mangoes are not the only reason you get pimples and boils. This is also caused by the change of weather. But if mangoes are consumed in excess, then it can lead to pimples and boils.

The intake of dairy products should not be high as they have maximum propensity to get infected by germs.Milk, said to be a complete diet, is not advised during the monsoon season. Instead one can go for curd.

People who face skin allergies during monsoon should not eat spicy food because spicy food stimulates the circulation and raises body temperature, which leads to skin irritation, allergies and diseases. If the problem persists, one should immediately go for a blood test.

Now enjoying monsoon will be of more fun and being healthy in this season will not be that difficult.