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Monsoon Fitness

Posted On : July 07,2014

Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation but is know use to describe seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation & precipitation associated with the asymmetric heating of land & sea.

Monsoon brings fun & enjoyment. It also bring in rain & traffic jam and lots of fried and junk food all this affects your out of the house chores such as a trips to local.

Grocer, vegetable market, or to gym. All of us may not to go gym to many masons (main excuse is time & laziness). A morning or an evening walk is on most people’s regular workout schedule. However the morning drizzles or evening shower might hamper this walk so does it me that you sit at home & toss away your entire regular fitness regime?

Absolutely not! Finding time to work out and eat healthy can be difficult whilst juggling a full time job and social life however, there are certain measures that can be taken, to ensure you achieve the body you want.

Fitness Expert Shweta Desai shares some great ways to follow a monsoon fitness regime & remain active and fit during rainy season with

1.You usually go for your walk or visit gym at a scheduled time stick to the same plan for your work out session at home ,also dress the same way you do when go out for a workout (to get into the mood) start with simple stretching exercise to warm up which is a must any simple stretch  is fine like leg raise twist your legs ,squats, raise your hands (remember school days 1,2,3,4) as it makes your body flexible &ready for workout.

2. Purchase a few simple exercising device like dumb bells, skipping rope, Swiss ball, yoga mat etc if you always wanted to buy an indoor cycle or treadmill this is the right time .its a good option as they can be used again and again during your next indoor monsoon, even if you don’t want to buy you can use a big towel as your yoga mat, a chair for basic exercise or a broom as dumbbell (remember where there is a will here is a way).

3. If you are someone who is not into working out in the gym you can do some simple exercise at home for eg.knee bends, calf exercise, squats, planks, glutes, abs etc are great way to flex and stretch your muscles.

4. The plank-this is a classic exercise is usually performed at the end of workout but it can also be done anytime and in front of TV, as the idea is you need to be in a similar position as a press up but rest on your forearms instead and ensure that you have a straight back &neck hold this position for as long as you can, as this is really beneficial for your core muscles, especially your front and lower abs.

5. Chair squats: squat down in front of your chair without supporting yourself, then lower down so your bottom just touches the seat of the chair than come up again, keeping the weight through your heels and keep your head up, also remember to exhale as you come up and inhale as you go down.

6. The stairs in your building are superb exercising device themselves, walking up &down the stairs is a superb tip for good monsoon fitness.

7. An indoor jog on the sport or around the house jog is also beneficial  for e.g. while boiling milk you can jog this monsoon fitness tip comes in handy when you want to shed off the extra fat accumulated through munching on tasty monsoon snack one most important way to shed off the extra fat &burn calories.

8. If you love to dance, dance like nobody is watching you, as you can add more of your fitness moves into dancing this helps you for calorie burn, remain flexible, fit &active as this is a fun tip to enjoy your indoor monsoon workout.

9. Cleaning your house is the best way to keep yourself from becoming a couch potato whenever there is a drizzle outside as you are stuck inside for couple of hours, where you can clean out the shelves, cupboards or rooms or mop in any room of your house.

10. One of the funny ways of workout can be done by playing with kids like ZUU workout, as its simple where you have to behave like any animal you like and you walk like it &act like for e.g. Bear walk, Ape Jumps, Donkey Kicks, Panther Walks, and many more.

11. Practice yoga as yoga is an exercise that can be performed both indoor and outdoor select any airy sport in your house and practice simple asana like deep breathing etc in order to keep yourself fit as yoga also helps to reduce respiratory problems that are very commonly used during this monsoon season.

So, this monsoon season prioritize your health and fitness by following the above mentioned wourout tips.