Friday, September 21, 2018

Wear authentic for your Skin

Posted On : June 17,2014

Observing today’s scenario, skin problems is becoming a growing concern for all and sundry -whether it be adults, kids or infants.

However, these issues get aggravated from what clothes we wear and what fabric they are made from as they are in direct touch with the skin.

It is rarely possible to think of any fabric that is comforting, non allergic and is 100% pure i.e. without being blended with cotton or any other fabric.

Expressing his concerns of the issue, Mr. Mithun Gupta, Director, Bodycare International Ltd. advices:

· Cotton clothing is ideal for all skin types and especially for those who are prone to skin allergies or itching.
· It is a soft fabric which makes it comfortable to wear for anybody because it doesn’t rub coarsely on your skin.
· Wearing cotton innerwear allows your skin to breathe as it absorbs the undesirable moisture from the skin unlike other fabrics. Thus, lets the skin to feel cool and fresh.
· For infants and kids, 100% cotton products such as cotton clothes/innerwear, cotton blankets etc. are highly recommended by doctors as well. Keeping their delicate and sensitive skin as concern it is indispensable to use the best and comforting fabric as cotton is a skin friendly fabric for their soft skin.
· Cotton clothes should be treated with body friendly chemicals to give them a finishing touch, thus making it perfect for your baby’s skin.
· Cotton clothes are easy to maintain as they can be washed and tumble dried easily.
· Cotton is also qualifies to be an environment friendly product as it is biodegradable.
· It can be worn in summers, monsoons, and autumn seasons and even in winters beneath woollen clothes to avoid their direct touch and tingling on the skin.

Needless to say that sudden changes in the weather conditions has become frequent now, therefore all of us and especially the kids are vulnerable during these changing seasons, so it is vital to protect them from the vagaries of weather which is surely possible by wearing 100% cotton made inner wear.