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Fitness formula for Summers

Posted On : May 20,2014

They don’t call them lazy, hazy days of summer without cause.

Now that we’re at the halfway point, for many of us our fitness routine goes on vacation for the summer.

Unfortunately, the summer season often presents a difficult time of year to maintain a fitness regimen. Much of the difficulty appears to be in maintaining a routine.

“Between vacations, keeping the kids entertained on break, and other summertime events, fitness often gets pushed to the proverbial back burner,” says Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD, Prettislim clinic.

“It seems that most people associate weight gain with wintertime and the holiday season and summertime as the season of bikini bodies and being more active. But recent studies have now found that summertime weight gain is very common and many people gain more weight in the summer than they do during the winter holiday," he adds.

What are the common reasons for summer weight gain? According to Dr. Nayak, vacations, less regimented workout routines and increased alcohol and bad food consumption.

Finding it difficult to maintain your fitness routine in summer? You're not alone.

Dr. Nayak, shares his tips at, on how to keep the momentum going to avoid summertime weight gain & maintain the fitness levels in Summer Months:

• Eat lots of fruits, veggies to stay active

Soaring temperatures make people lazy, so it’s time to make some dietary changes to stay fit during summer. Diet is vital for maintaining fitness. Maintaining healthy eating habits ultimately contributes to good health. Eating habits should change from season to season to maintain the fitness.

Beat the summer heat with eating right food, and intake healthy fluids. The single easiest way to trim calories from your summer diet is to load up on nature’s bounty. Delicious fruits and vegetables abound at farmers' markets and in your local grocery.

Besides being low in calories, summer diets should be loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Add selective fruits and vegetables to everyday diet that can show up great results. Especially foods that have higher water content help one keep hydrated. Fruits and veggies like strawberries, watermelon, orange, raspberry; Zucchini, radish, spinach etc are rich in water content. Eating fruits and vegetables high in water content can replenish your body without all the artificial colors and flavors commonly found in sports drinks. The biggest advantage of consuming high water content foods is that they contain minimal calories and provide a feeling of fullness.

• Watch the Booze & Cola
Somehow we forget that alcohol is high in calories. In actuality, alcohol has 7 calories per gram. Fat is obviously higher at 9 calories per gram but even proteins don’t have that high of a caloric count. Proteins and carbohydrates both share 4 calories per gram. So be aware of the alcohol you drink because those calories will sneak up on you.

Many soft drinks contain diluted phosphoric acid, which damages the inner lining of the digestive tract and, therefore, affects its functions. This increases phosphorous levels in the blood. This separates calcium from the bones and moves it into the blood.

Our bodies need fluids - and water is undoubtedly the best. When it is hot, when you are playing sport, or on any other occasions when you lose excessive fluid through perspiration, your requirement increases and you need to drink even more water or other fluids, like coconut water. It helps you keep a clear head and makes you feel more energetic and less irritable.

• Exercise
Exercising stays the most important to maintain fitness and stay healthy. 
Walking, running, biking, and hiking will get your heart pumping, and also treat your senses to vibrant foliage, crunchy leaves underfoot, and fresh fall smells in the air.

During summers opt for beach yoga, swimming etc to manage your weight. Vigorous exercise in hot and humid conditions can lead to heat stress, avoid exercising in the middle of the day when the sun is hottest, usually between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

• Plan Ahead
Summertime usually brings on vacations and for some, an increased social schedule. It is imperative that you plan your exercise session in advance. Plan to spend about an hour a day doing some form of exercise either outdoors or indoors preferably outdoors to ensure adequate vitamin D from the sun. If you are traveling, see what classes are provided and what sports /dance classes are available at the hotel or resort. Most of the time, there is something for everyone, so plan ahead.

 Get a good night's sleep
It is observed that people take 8 hours of sleep daily lost weight faster than people who don’t

• Curd and yoghurt are cool
Include some form of curd or yoghurt in your meals. Buttermilk is another great cooler. Besides tasting delicious, it has several health benefits too. Add a dash of mint to enhance the taste. Mint has its own benefits.

Having a glass of buttermilk or chaas just before stepping out into the sun, helps prevent dehydration.

• Maintain good food-hygiene levels

Maintain good food-hygiene levels. Many dangerous bacteria and viruses thrive in the summer months as the temperature is conducive for their growth. The bad bugs usually enter the body through food and water. This is why maintaining food hygiene is crucial in this season. All the health benefits that you get from eating light summer food may be wasted if you fall sick because you've eaten food that is not fresh.

• Don’t Go to the Party Hungry

This is kind of like going the supermarket hungry. You just eat the wrong foods because you are starving.

If you are health conscious, then they probably won’t have anything you like anyway.

Be satisfied, eat exactly what you want before you go. Also learn to say No, with a smile, to the Food Pusher at the Party.

• Audit your Weight
Many people don’t like to know the exact number on the scale but these days you have to audit everything about your body in order to stay in good health. Knowing vital body statistics can save your life one day.