Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Corporate Chick Turns Into Spiritual Healer

Posted On : May 05,2014

Under the publication of Gyan Book Publishers, Corporate chick turns into a Spiritual healer is based on series of true life incident in a Author's life.

Or One can say, It is a Semi Auto biography of the author, Shweta Bisht, which explains In the first half about how a simple, carefree, girl got trapped into ongoing black magic while working in the corporate world.

Life was moving exactly the way she wanted it, suddenly her life took a reverse gear. She started getting low with her health, finances & family relations. She started feeling that, she is not alone at home and feeling scared every time. Hospital reports were normal. Then slowly she started feeling that this is something supernatural. And then she started praying goddess kali day and night as she is seemed to be very powerful in her pictures.

She had seen death very closely. Her new life has been given by Maa Kali, and then she destined to get her love in the form of her spiritual help as a god gift.

Her detailed sufferings are mentioned in the book, how nobody believed her when everyone thought that it was just her fear and maybe she should take some medical help for her illness, But the truth was that every single day zone of Black Magic was swallowing her slowly and steadily.

How she got out of this problem? What made her learned about the spiritual healings & how she learned the spiritual remedies?  How she started helping other victims of black magic?

And, the second half of the book consists of 10 true Black Magic incidents, which were solved by the author. The incidents mentioned in the book are scary to read and feel... 

After reading this book, you will learn about the mysteries from unknown world & You will learn a very important lesson: If God Exists, Then Even Devil Does Exists.