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Manage Stress of Daily Life

Posted On : April 24,2014

In today's fast paced world, women are not just mere homemakers but also achieving success on the professional front.

However, this dual lifestyle is taking a toll on their health making them vulnerable to stress and anxiety related disorders.

Many a times women tend to ignore these signs without sparing a thought to the other adverse health hazards that they might become prone to.

Thus, it becomes essential that along with taking care of their families, they equally emphasize on themselves and try and adopt ways in which they can reduce stress.

Dr. Prachi, Clinical Psychologist, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
shares some tips through which women can cope up with stress with

i. Me time
Include yourself on the list of people you take care of. Take some time to do something just for yourself every day; things that create a sense of joy, passion and do not necessarily take a lot of time/money. E.g.: a walk in the park, gardening, swimming, playing etc.

ii. Be present
Be mindful of what you are doing at the moment. When you find yourself thinking about something that has already happened or might happen, gently bring yourself back to the present moment. Get a feel of where you are now. Focus on what is going on right now.

iii. “Just a-minute” rule
How many times do you say, "This will only take a minute" and it ends up taking 20 minutes, making you late for an appointment! Anytime you think that something will take only a minute, add 10-15 minutes. Remember hurry leads to worry.

iv. The Superman/woman trap
If you stand up straight all the time, you will fall. You don’t have to “have it all” to “have it.” Are you striving to make every one smile, everyone happy and make everything ideal and perfect?  Discard this foolish bar since it is impossible to reach the same.

v. Just be
Do not fill up all your leisure time with ‘doing’– keep some of it just for ‘being’.

vi. The "if only" trap
Do you find yourself saying things like "If only I had this, I could do that?" "If I were more..." or "If only I did this or that”. Do not sit back and wait for life to happen.