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Be Healthy, While Working

Posted On : April 22,2014

There is no denying the fact that people are becoming more conscious about their health.

But while the awareness is there, not much is done by many of us to keep our health in good shape.

Hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments have become common among people now. Simple preventive health check-ups can avoid these from happening. On this more needs to done to create more clamor for health check-ups,
says Dr Gaurav Thukral, Head Medical Services, HCAH.

Busy is the new buzz word in people’s lives today. In metropolitan cities, everybody is running around to meet ends meet. There is constant pressure on people to shoulder various responsibilities – both at home and at workplace. In all that hustle-bustle, what gets ignored is health.

People today are always running short of time. Diet and sleep patterns have gone for a toss, untimely work hours and the constant pressure to meet deadlines are causing immense stress just among everybody.

Most of the people, especially in urban areas, beat that stress by way of either consuming alcohol or by smoking. This is rampant, sometimes in all age group. Lifestyles have taken a bad hit, repercussions of which are very serious health wise.

Initially, no health issue is so big. Because they are not diagnosed on time, they become grim, sometimes fatal. Health check-ups can nip many health disorders in the bud, only if people start taking them seriously. Time constraint most of the time becomes the issue, sometimes it is genuine while sometimes it is merely a lame excuse.

The sheer ignorance many a times turns fatal when a minor disease, which could have been avoided with simple health check-ups, turns life threatening.

Understanding that ‘Health is Wealth’ and how important it is for people to stay in good shape, we at HealthCare at Home thought to plug this gap. We decided to provide preventive health check-ups to people in their comfortable confines of home. Realizing that ignorance on the part of people is the main reason for not getting check-ups done.

The homecare provider of specialized services saw that people were not careful about their illnesses and skipped seeing a doctor for the same, until it did not reach frightening levels. In case of women, anemia and lack of vital nutrients are issues that bog women down as they overlook their diet. People, especially women, make no conscious efforts for consuming nutrient-rich food.

Lack of awareness, we realized, about preventive health check-ups was another problem area. Chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiac ailments remained unnoticed in people as they either ignored or delayed the check-ups.

It is advised that after the age of 40, woman should get themselves checked for cancer every six months. Women should particularly undergo for Pap smear and breast examination after mid 30s.

It is seen that women are not very comfortable getting these two tests done as it involves the private parts of the body. The home health check up provided by private players addresses all the concerns of women. The tests are conducted by women nurses in the privacy of home. The tests take only five minutes and the service saves the person from visiting a doctor as well.

Besides, the nurses are skilled to collect samples of blood, urine and even do ECG at home. Full body examinations are also done by them, under which the physiotherapists also look after the wear and tear of body. They check the pain points like on the back, shoulders, neck and ankle -- areas which are under constant pressure. The physiotherapists guide the people about the right posture they have to follow as also how to prevent the pain from recurring.

The nurse and nutritionists impart knowledge about the importance of being healthy and eating right diet.

After the check-up, the health data of the person screened is shared with his/her doctor concerned through video and telephonic consultation. After a review, the doctor prescribes the medication and health plan to be followed.

Sincere efforts should be made keep ourselves healthy. As the popular saying goes – ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, a simple health check-up done on time can save people from many health ailments.