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Shield face before applying make up

Posted On : March 31,2014

It’s best to focus on health of your facial skin before exposing it to coloured cosmetics, suggests an expert.

Priya Kalra, make-up expert and founder of Grace and Glamour unisex salons, doles out tips on the way to prepare your skin for a summer make-up:

i. Cleanse face
It is the first step that one should opt for especially if you have oily skin. Then pat dry and apply a light facial moisturiser with SPF to protect from sun’s rays.

ii. Choose powder, chuck liquid foundation
You can also use a light mineral foundation. Before applying, you need to blend it properly. This will help your skin look natural and will protect your skin from getting oily.

iii. Eye make-up
Choose soft shades of green, blue, pinks or earthy tones with light coloured highlighter. Apply base colour and then colours which one needs to highlight on corners or on eyeline by using liquid eyeliner or eye pencil. Use kohl in the end to complete the look.

iv. Blusher
You can apply light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, nose, chin, and hairline. When not overdone, it will help to look natural.

v. Lip balm with SPF
To complete your look, you can add lip balm with SPF that will protect your lips from summer heat.