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Dental Care: A value add to Indian medical tourism

Posted On : February 25,2014

Medical Tourism is a trend of the day and ‘Dentistry’ is no exception.

India has one of the best qualified dental professionals in each and every field, and this fact has now been realized the world over.

With most competitive charges for treatment, India is a very lucrative destination for people wanting to undergo treatment of certain medical problems who do not need immediate emergency treatment.

Every year lot of patients across the globe travel to some of the favorable dental tourism, it helps the individual in saving cost while getting an opportunity to see and travel the other country.

India is a preferred Dental tour center due to expertise in Dentistry. India today offers world class dental facilities, comparable with any of the western countries.

Our country have state of the art hospitals, best qualified doctors, finest infrastructure and excellent dental facilities available at competitive prices.

When medical treatment costs in India are compared to similar procedures in the USA or the UK, they are lower by at least 60 to 80 %. Dental treatment in India is 
becoming increasingly popular.

Generally, the patients coming from abroad book their first appointment via a phone call, although these days they also contact through e-mail. The initial queries that patients have been answered promptly understanding their primarily dental concerns & the best possible advice is provided. Indian dentists inform them about the period and cost of treatment before they arrive.

"Once the patient arrives, if required the staff also assist them with details of the best staying options, city route and if incase they require a pick-up service. English is widely spoken in India, but if the patient has a problem with the language, a translator can also be arranged to accompany the patient during the stay in India. Dental clinics across country are also offering many tailor-made services to the patients depending upon their requirement," says Dr Tushar Suneja, Founder and Dentist at Dr Toosharz Multispeciality Dental Clinic.

Arriving at the practice, as any regular patient they have been asked to provide their medical history and fill a questionnaire for the reference. It’s quite important to have in hand the details of any medications that the patient is currently undergoing or if any major illnesses or operations that he/she underwent in past, all this has important bearing on any medication that onemight want to prescribe.

Dentists have a memory span of a typical goldfish! And because of this, we like to write everything down. Sometimes dentists use a dye or laser to detect early caries/decay. Few of them also use a small handheld camera to take close-up pictures of teeth and then display them on a screen; these pictures can be used to explain things more thoroughly. X-rays are still an important part of any dental examination to help diagnose any problems under the surface or around the foundations of the teeth.

Most common dental problems are:

1. Gum Disease: This is a major cause of tooth loss. Gum diseases are usually caused by three factors: bad oral hygiene, smoking and genetic susceptibility. Most of the patients with Diabetes coming from the UK have Periodontitis, this is the more severe form of gum disease and can put a patient at greater risk for heart attack or stroke, as it allows the bacteria to be inhaled or enter the blood through gums, eventually affecting heart and lungs.

2. Missing Teeth: Because of severe periodontitis is something seen in people big-time, and majority of patients from UK inquire about Dental Implants or Crowns/Caps which costs about 2000-3000 Pounds in England and costs one-fourth in India with Implant companies like Zimmer, Noble Bio-care, which are now available in India. Severe decay or damage or mild periodontitis may be corrected through the use of dental crowns or bridges. A dental crown, commonly referred to as a “cap” because it is designed to fully encapsulate a damaged or decayed tooth, can be used to treat a tooth that would otherwise require extraction, and which causes pain, discomfort, or compromises the individual’s oral health in some capacity. With state-of-the-art dental laboratory and CAD-CAM milling units the crowns can be delivered in 24-48 hours.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments: Smile makeover which tends to be stand alone, a smile makeover is a comprehensive treatment plan that combines any number of treatments that will be best suited to helping one realize their cosmetic and oral health goals. The treatment plans are designed around each individual’s needs, and no two smile makeovers are the same. Other services like Veneers and Componeers -  to correct minor cosmetic flaws, such as chips, cracks, conspicuous gaps in-between the teeth, and minor malocclusion.

4. Teeth Whitening: If the teeth are stained or discolored – even if they’re otherwise healthy, straight, and uniform – it can have a negative impact on the appearance of ones smile and self-confidence and esteem. With professional teeth whitening, either in-office or in the convenience of home, one can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades or more.

5. Gum Lifting and Reshaping: A gummy smile occurs when the gum tissue conceals more of the surfaces of the teeth than normal or desirable. The overall effect this can have is the appearance of malformed, underdeveloped, or weakened teeth. Extensive gum tissue can detract from the appearance of teeth. With gum lifting, or gum reshaping, excessive gum tissue can be eliminated with a laser. This technology allows modifying the gum tissue quickly, safely, and with minimal discomfort, for a more natural-looking smile.

A vast pool of talent and an access to a wide range of innovative technologies has made India to become the international center for medical products and services. Dental treatments in India are affordable and quality is at-par with international treatments.

Dental Experts in country provides a medically sophisticated dental treatment program which is done with all the required precautions so that the patients are safe without any kind of oral complications and risks.