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Posted On : January 15,2014

EASY is a new book of poetry by Shomshuklla, which reflects life and its myriad journeys.

The lucid words are accompanied alongside with photographs by ace photographer and award winning cinematographer Ritam Banerjee. Easy is your ideal Sunday coffee table companion.

The book was launched by Brinda Miller, the lady behind the famed Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai and a canvas artist of great repute.

Shomshuklla has penned down 7 books of poetry, and continues to write even more. She is versatile and has been involved with many facets of art and culture over the years.

She is actively involved with her theatre company, Kali Theatre, which staged "We Draupadis and Sitas" at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011.

Theater , music and writing, these have been her long term passions and after a long 10 year career in music, she has taken a hiatus to focus on other avenues, such as her writing fiction, her feature film and home design.

Ritam Banerjee who is based out of Mumbai, has never quite understood the need to create a niche. Shooting extensively across Categories-Travel, Photo-Journalism, Advertising, Interiors, Portraits. He has always sought inspiration and challenge in variety.

From training his lens at the blazing dome of the Taj Palace & Tower when Mumbai was under siege in 2008 to documenting the placid course of the middle and lower Ganges, Ritam has framed things as disparate as spas and slums, ketchup and cars.