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Gits South Indian Breakfast Kit, a hit

Posted On : December 19,2013

I have never been a fan of instant mixes because of the preservatives and also in some cases the ‘not-fresh’ veggies. That was until I have come across Gits!

One look into their website and I was beaming with happiness – they mentioned ‘no preservative’ and I was connected instantly!

My next obvious step was to grab a packet of Gits’ highly famous South Indian Breakfast Kit which contains four varieties of savories Dosai, Upma, Idli and Sambhar.

Five words written on the top-most corner caught my attention and I was beaming, yet again.  It was written ‘Ready in 3 easy steps’. Ah! Nothing could get any better than this and I couldn't wait to get home and cook the packet.

I chose the Rava Dosai and Sambhar packet, for no obvious reason of course. Holding the packet made me realize that I have very little work in the kitchen and here again I was dancing with joy. All that I had to do was mix the contents with some water and then pour some of the batter in a hot pan which was already greased with some drops of oil. As the batter started to turn golden brown I sprinkled few drops of oil in the sides and turned it to cook on the other side. Voila, I had my Rava Dosai ready in minutes and without even going through the conventional way of soaking and grinding the batter. Uff, What a relief!

My next job was to prepare the Sambhar for which I, again emptied the contents in some water and brought the mixture to boil for five minutes. Some chopped tomatoes and coriander is what I added when the sambhar started to boil. Once the mixture was cooked in a decent consistency, I removed it from the pan. For the tempering I used some oil, black mustard seeds, dried red chillies, a pinch of asofoetida and some curry leaves. Pouring it over the cooked sambhar gave me the final dish.

Serving the Dosai with Sambhar to my friends and family brought only praises and yes not to forget the taste was truly fantastic. Gits have surely been able to retain the authentic taste of the foods and also made lives of busy people easy.

It is surely recommended for all of you who loves South Indian foods but always wished that the cooking was easy and simple. No points for guessing, Gits South Indian Breakfast Kit (which has four varieties) is an instant hit. Go for it today!

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