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Gym tips for Beginners

Posted On : December 10,2013

You have decided to start exercising and you have scheduled your time to hit the gym – but you are clueless.

Being a first timer can be embarrassing, especially when everyone around you seems to be an expert with the concepts of the gym.

Though there are no hard and fast rules while hitting the gym and practicing the daily workouts, yet certain points need to be kept in your mind so that you do not end up in any sort of causality.

While you might be wondering what are the rules to follow, Dr. Arun Kumar, Fitness Head at Snap Fitness India elaborates on the important gym tips for beginners:

1. Choose a Gym
A gym with good variety of equipment, including plenty of free weights needs to be chosen. Find a gym with good atmosphere. Check out what kind of people are training in the gym, you might not like to train in a hardcore type power lifting gym located in a basement. If music motivates you check out what kind of music is played in gym you intend to train in.

2. Location is very important factor
A gym near to your home or office is a good choice because you can save time and some money when you don´t have to travel a lot.

3. Price is important too
Some gyms have cheaper prices for students, unemployed or elderly people - check them out. Check out showers, locker rooms, sauna, warm up places, mirrors and stuff like that.

4. Hygiene is a first thing
You should maintain, during your workout and before hitting the gym. It is evident that you will sweat during your workout, still make sure, you enter the gym premises clean, by taking a shower in order to keep the bad odor away.

After deciding your gym, what next?

a. While you workout, it is obvious that you will sweat a lot. Excessive sweating can cause dehydration. To avoid dehydration, keep a bottle of water with you always.

b. Before getting onto any machines, make sure you include a warm up session as part of your training. A warm up will prevent gym injuries and prepare your body for rigorous training.

c. Your gym may be equipped with several new and advanced technologies. So, remember to ask a trainer for a demonstration before you use that particular piece of equipment.

d. Make it a habit to bring a towel every time you are in the gym. Use a towel to dab away the sweat, so it does not fall on the equipment.

e. We know, running on a treadmill is fun and healthy, but you must remember that in the gym equipment has to be shared. So, time yourself and step down from the machine when the time is up.

f. Clothing is one of the most important things, when it comes to gyming. Make sure you choose proper comfortable clothes, not too tight or too loose.

g. Don’t fill your stomach with lots of calorie rich food before hitting the gym. Working out with a full stomach will make you lethargic and give you stomach cramps.

h. Although you may deem this unnecessary, checking your physiological vitals is extremely important before taking up any form of exercise. A quick check of your blood pressure, pulse rate and resting heart rate will ensure a smooth exercise regime.

i. Share all health related issues with the fitness expert before you start with the exercise routine.

j. Check whether the trainer training you is certified.

k. Don’t try to follow any kind of shortcuts to achieve your goal like taking fat burners, Steroids etc.

l. Explain about your stress, also your exercise preferences & your availability so that the fitness expert designs a schedule accordingly.

m. Along with your exercise follow a balanced diet pattern by taking advices from a qualified nutrionist.

n. Check whether all the trainers are CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) certified.