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Get professional manicure at home

Posted On : November 27,2013

You love to pamper yourselves every once in a while. Especially in the winter season, your skin requires more moisture and nourishment.

Manicures are one aspect that you often tend to neglect, mostly due to lack of time.

But, ignoring your hands is not a very good option, because the more you neglect them, the more damage you will do to your hands.

For those of you who have thought that taking care of your hands at the comfort of your home is a tough task, now has some reason to smile. Manicures are possible at home and you just need to know the tricks.

Ms. Aakriti Kochar, Beauty Expert at Oriflame India elaborates on the simple tricks to get beautiful hands in your own home:

1. Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover and remove the leftover nail polish to reveal clean, clear nails. Next, take a bowl of hot soapy water and dip your fingers in it for 5-minutes.

2. You should then push back your cuticles, get rid of hangnails and file your nails in the ‘u’ shape as they are the most appropriate.

3. Soaking your hands in lemon juice is helpful in removing the yellowness from the nails. You can later buff the nails or polish them. However, you should be wary of cutting your cuticles as improper cutting could lead to infections.

4. If you have yellow hands, you can dip them in warm milk and follow it up by rubbing a lemon on the nails. For brittle nails, you can dip them in olive oil for 5-7 minutes. It will make the nails stronger and whiter and prepare them for any stress of your daily lives.

5. You can also exfoliate your hands and forearms to get a complete clean and healthy feel. It eliminates dead skin cells and reveals healthy, moisturized hands.

6. Moisturizing is the next step to achieve beautiful hands. Deep, thick moisturizers are the actual secret that needs to be followed. Apply a deep moisturizing lotion onto your hands to keep them soft and healthy.

7. Follow it up with applying a base coat of a clear nail polish. It not only protects you from the chemicals of the nail polish, but also gives your nails a nourished sheen. It also prevents nails from getting that yellow tinge that all want to avoid.

8. Apply your favorite nail polish in 3 strokes- left, right and center. Let it dry for 5 minutes before applying the second coat of the nail polish. Apply a top coat that prevents the nail polish from chipping.  

9. Clean up the rough/ wobbly edges with a nail polish remover and let the nail polish dry for a good 5 minutes. Depending on the formulation of the nail polish, it will take 5-10 minutes to dry up completely.