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Ways to save your relationship

Posted On : November 22,2013

Your relationship is on the verge of a ‘breakup’ but you are still in love with your partner. What do you do? You give your relationship one more chance.

Taking decisions in haste can cause distress later and relationship is a sensitive topic.

Two mutual partners can have misunderstandings and that does not mean ending up the affair. Unless some grave mistake has happened, generally partners give a second thought.

While giving a second chance to your relationship is a good idea, you need to follow certain rules to make the affair work.

Not just your partner but even you need to make certain compromises and adjustments to re-live the golden moments. digs out top 5 ways to save your relationship:

1. Understand the problem
Before doing anything else, it is important for you to recognize and understand the problem. The issue can be big or small but unless you know it, you will never be able to sort it out. For the same you need to have patience and also be open-minded. And when you are listening patiently, your partner will be bound to do the same. Hence you have an ideal atmosphere to discuss and debate (but with love and logic).

2. Speak up
After knowing the issue of dispute, it is essential for you to communicate with your partner. Yelling at one another will only make the matter worse. Relationships issues require matured handling and this needs patience, understanding and broad-mindedness. Speak with your partner, listen to what he/she says and then come to a logical and fruitful decision.

3. Take some time
Once the issue is debated and discussed, it is important to give each other some time to think and contemplate the whole matter of concern. For this you have to provide space and time to your partner. Decisions which are made on the spot are always wrong ninety per cent of the time, reveals a report. Hence, take time, think and then come to a conclusion.

4. Accept faults
If after heavy brainstorming you feel that the mistake is yours then do not hesitate to accept your fault and apologize. Taking responsibility for your mistakes is always appreciated in a relationship. If a small ‘sorry’ can solve your problem then what is the issue? Saying ‘sorry’ to your beloved will only increase the love and strengthen your relationship.

5. Be forgiving
Sometimes saying ‘sorry’ is not enough or what if you are not the offender? What if your partner is the one who has actually made the ‘mistake’? If you are convinced that it was not done with a wrong intention then it is your duty to forgive. Not just you but your boyfriend/girlfriend must also be forgiving when the need arises.

However ‘forgiving’ should not be made a habit because it can lead to ‘loss of trust’ and create ‘doubts’ among partners.

In a gist, relationships work out well when both the partners are equally understanding and loving. Making all the compromises and adjustments by one partner will never strengthen the relationship. Both the parties have to be involved in making adequate efforts to make the relationship work in the long run.