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Kitchen Remedies for Fair Skin

Posted On : November 20,2013

Fairness does not mean that we are changing your color, but it means that we are removing your tanning, blemishes, age spots that occur due to the exposure to the sun, pollution and aging.

By using fairness creams, you cannot change the type of the skin and color.

Genetically you are born like that, but you can definitely reduce your tanning, pigmentation, fine wrinkling and age spots. And make your exposed skin of the face to same as to covered skin.

While the fascination with ‘fairness’ seem to captivate everyone’s mind, Dr. Navin Taneja, Director at The National Skin Centre, New Delhi elaborates on some of the secrets which is easily available in everyone’s kitchen.

1. Tomatoes
Almost a kitchen staple, tomatoes are great source of lycopene, and antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals which are the main factors causing premature ageing. You can use tomato juice as facial tonic.

2. Avocado
This fruit is source of rich in protein and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, and beta –carotene making it helpful in skin regeneration and hair moisturizing.

3. Cucumber
It prevents wrinkles and helps in treating acne and arthritis. It eliminates blemishes from the skin and clears the freckles. Cucumber and skin share same level of hydrogen.

4. Berries
These small fruits are a great antioxidant capacity which means – the more of these we have the longer our skin will look youthful and healthy. Have them regularly.

5. Low Fat Yoghurt
Enjoy a cup of yoghurt; it is an essential vitamin that does wonders for our skin. Have it after food on a regular basis for better results.

6. Additional care
Besides you should use a sunscreen before stepping out of the house. Various dermatological treatments are also available for the rejuvenation, removing blemishes and pigmentation of the skin to give some amount of Fairness to the Skin