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A Married Man's Guide to Creative Cooking

Posted On : November 20,2013

Men generally are seen struggling in the kitchen but not anymore. With the launch of ‘A Married Man’s Guide to Creative Cooking’, males can breathe a sigh of relief !

Godrej Nature’s Basket released the latest cookery book which is authored by veteran journalist Samar Halarnkar, who also demonstrated lip smacking recipes from his new book. Theatre personality Arjun Sajanani engaged the audience on why men should cook.  

Speaking on this occasion Samar Halarnkar  said, “It is inspiring to witness a man cook for his wife and his family and the act is sure to strengthen the love and affection within. As the saying goes, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, is now being taken seriously by men, who are making a definite attempt to enter the kitchen and cook for their family.

“This trend also signifies the fact that married men are dividing the responsibility with their spouse and bonding through these lighter moments over beautiful recipes. I am glad that I am launching this book at Godrej Nature’s Basket which serves as a one stop shop for premium quality products, and one can find absolutely all the desired products necessary for a delicious recipe.”

The workshop held at the Defence Colony store of Godrej Nature’s Basket enthralled its customers with these exciting recipes who were quite engrossed in the discussion with the author and noted down key tips for their kitchen. The thematic session was designed to unveil key anecdotes on how cooking helps an individual stay connected with his family and culinary tradition and is indeed one of the secrets to a successful marriage.