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Tips to safe oral sex

Posted On : October 16,2013

Believe it or not but oral sex is becoming popular! Despite aplenty pervasive myths attached to it, many couples prefer it to spice up their sex life.

A national statistics conducted in the US found that oral sex is a common practice among American teens. The Centers for Disease Control survey which was done between 2006 and 2008 revealed that almost half of teens and almost 90 per cent of adults, aged 25-44, have indulged in the act.

But performing oral sex on your partner can be dangerous and can lead to HIV infections! Reports of Hollywood actor Michael Douglas suffering from throat cancer due to blow jobs created ripples among those who found this form of foreplay arousing. Though Douglas’ publicist later denied reports and blamed excessive smoking for the actor’s condition, yet a fear has gripped the potential partners who wish to indulge in this act of giving pleasure with the help of their mouth.

Unsafe oral sex can lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Having STIs can increase the risk of having HIVs!

While ruling out oral sex is almost impossible, there are rules which can be followed to lower the risk of any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) among monogamous partners. shares the safety precautions for a safe oral sex.

Wear a condom: Females who are performing oral sex on their male partners must ensure that he is wearing a condom. Use non-lubricated latex condoms for maximum protection. If you do not like the taste then opt for flavored ones. Men who are sucking a woman ensure that you are using a dental dam, which is a sheet of plastic wraps worn by the females to avoid the transfer of STIs like intestinal parasites, hepatitis and herpes.

Don’t ejaculate in mouth: Avoid cumming inside your partner’s mouth. Even if you have semen in your mouth, spit it out to avoid the risk of any STIs. Experts believe that having a chewing gum or using a mouth wash to get rid of germs and bad breathe is a good option.

Avoid sucking if you have mouth sores: Look out for sores, cuts and blisters on your mouth and genitals. If you or your partner has it, then it is a strict no-no for oral sex. Neglecting these minor wounds or lesions can put you in danger of aplenty STIs, STDs and may be neck & head cancers.

STD tests: The best way to enjoy safe oral sex with your partner is to ensure that both of you are infection-free. Yes, and for this you have to visit your doctor and get STD tests. Let your doctor give you a clean chit that you are free from STDs including HIV and STIs.

Practice monogamy: One of the most common causes of prevailing STDs is due to having sex with multiple partners. One night stands, casual sex, no-strings attached relationships – contribute to the spread of STDs and STIs. You never know who is having what disease. Hence it is always better to be safe and have a single partner, whom you know inside out.

Be precautious rather than falling prey to unwanted diseases. Keep your genitals clean – although this will not decrease the infections (if you already have it) – but such a hygiene habit will allow lesser multiplication of germs. Females will be less prone to cervical cancer and males will have reduced risks of contracting HIV infections.