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I focus on cricket to remain calm: Virat Kohli

Posted On : October 04,2013

He has led Team India to Under-19 World Cup in 2008. He has been a part of the winning team of ICC World Cup in 2011.

He is the new endorsement king beating veterans like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar. 

Name, fame, money and power - he has it all. So much success at such short time was never stress-free for Virat Kohli, Indian cricket team's rising superstar. But the middle-order batsman reveals that he manages his stress by just focusing on the match.
"What keeps me calm is focusing on what I have to achieve in a particular match which I am going to play. My main goal is winning games for my team. In that situations I try to relax as much as possible. I keep reminding myself that I need to keep calm to bat well, to play well and win the game for my team," said Virat, who was in the Capital to promote his collaboration with Team adidas at the Talkatora Stadium.

For fitness the aggressive player is quick to answer, "Off-season I have lot of gym work, put a lot of focus on my endurance, my strength training and weight training. Apart from all the practicing I workout five-days a week, take right food at the right time. I have been training in a very organized way in last three and half years."

On Yuvraj Singh’s comeback after attaining victory over cancer Virat said, “I am very happy for him. More happy because he went to get himself checked and train out of India. He wanted to get away from everyone and focus on his training and focus on his goal. He achieved what he wanted to and is now back in the team. His comeback makes our team more stronger than it was without him in champions trophy."