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Tips for Good Parenting

Posted On : September 16,2013

Raising children demands a vast set of complex skills. Delivering love, respect, morality to kids requires expertise; otherwise you will end up smacking your head.

Stop acting on reflexes and concentrate on your kid’s behavior – every child is unique and each of them needs different handling.

Being a parent in rewarding but you have to admit that nobody is born with parenting skills. You start learning it every day - when you deal with your kids.

While there is no denying that parenting is a hard job, HealthyDunia.com shares few tips which will help you to improvise your role as a Better Parent:

Be a Role Model
Your children are watching you and whatever you do will have an effect on them – whether you wish to leave a positive impact or a negative effect depends solely on you. Reacting according to your reflexes can be harmful many times. If you wish to raise kids who are considerate and respectful, then you will have to learn how to control your anger. Try speaking to them respectfully – children always try to find a role model in their parents.

Teach them to Love
Acting on whims or behaving according to your reflexes is what parents generally do. Most parents are quick in showing their anger when their children make a mistake or do something against their wish. But very few show their affection to their kids when they rectify themselves or behave accordingly. Learn to be affectionate and show love.
Learn to listen to your child
Communication – between you and your children – has to be strong if you wish to raise your child as a wholesome person to face life. To be a good parent, let your child feel that he/she has a listener at home – who despite all odds is ready to give a patient hearing to them. Set aside some time for yourself and communicate with your kids.

Show them Gratitude
If you want to imbibe gratitude in your child then display it yourself first. You may be annoyed if your kid drops his jacket on the floor every time or your girl spills milk on the bed or plucks flowers from your favorite flower pot – be patient and try to focus on bigger things. Kids will do these things, focus on their overall behavior.

Set Rules
Playing a good parent all the time is not possible. There will be times when you would be required to behave strict and set rules. You will have to say No to their baseless demands – you need to make them disciplined and make them understand that they have to abide by some set of regulations. Let them realize that such a disciplined life will help them in the future.

Do not be Too Loving
Over loving can spoil your child. Giving in to your child’s every demand does not indicate that you love him them a lot. Most parents does not know the difference between gifting and loving. Leniency, lowered expectations or material possessions will only ruin your child’s future. Hence be strict when required.

Keep your Child Safe
You can be a good parent if you are planning a safe future for your child. It is your duty to make sure that your kid has the basic needs and amenities for a better life. Keep them safe and ensure they are in the best of their conditions. Also it is not enough just to be safe; you need to make them feel safe. Avoid threatening or menacing behavior or putting your child in situations where they will be fearful.
Have Fun
Being a parent does not mean you always behave in a calculative way. Have fun with your children because your kids should see you laughing, smiling and enjoying with them. Only then they will open up and become comfortable with you.

According to research presented at the Economic and Social Research Councils’ Festival of Social Science 2011, it was found that joking with your toddler helps set them up for social success.

Be Positive
It has been found that parents who express negative emotions toward their infants or handle them roughly are likely to find themselves with aggressive kindergartners. Experts suggest that behavioral aggression starts at the age of 5 and this link remains throughout the life. Being an angry parent will ruin your child’s future.

Let them Go
You should know to let go off your kids when the time comes. Over-protective, over-caring, over-loving or over-concerned is sure to make your child anxious, self-conscious and introvert. Children with more relaxed parents are more likely to be smart and out-going in life. Do not kick him out exactly at 18-years but allow them to learn themselves about the ways of dealing with life.

Nurture your Marriage
The biggest responsibility of a parent is to have to cordial relationship with your partner/ spouse.  Marital instability may result in troubled sleep in toddlers, said a research published in May 2011 in the journal Child Development. The study found that a troubled marriage when a baby is 9 months old contributes to trouble sleeping when the child is 18 months of age. It may be that troubled houses are stressful houses, and that stress is the cause of the sleep problems.

Don’t demand Perfection
It is every parent’s nature to seek a perfect child but you have to understand that nobody is perfect. Never set an imaginative success bar for your children. Don’t torture yourself with an impossibly high bar for parenting success. According to a study published in 2011 in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, new parents who believe society expects perfection from them are more stressed and less confident in their parenting skills.