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Foxtail millet Payasam

Posted On : September 14,2013

Foxtail millet is one of the earliest cultivated minor millets grown in India, China, Korea, Japan and other East Asian Countries. (It is Thinai in Tamil, Korralu in Telugu, Navane in Kannada, kang in Gujarati, Rala in Marathi).

It is very nutritious, consumed as a whole grain, easily digested, naturally gluten free and is essentially organic.

It is easier to incorporate this millet in our diet as a payasam.

The dessert has a plenty of health benefits due to the phytochemicals that whole grains contain such as lowering cholesterol, preventing and elimination of colon cancer, improving insulin sensitivity and acting as an energy source.

Millet is gluten-free and therefore an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a wheat and gluten-free grain.

Renowned Food Technologist Nirupama Raghavan, Sresta Natural Bio-products shares the healthy recipe with HealthyDunia.com:

Servings: 4


• Organic Foxtail Millet Rava - 2 cups
• Yellow Moong dal - 2 tsp
• Milk - 4 cups
• Jaggery grated - 1 cup
• Fresh Coconut grated & ground - 1/4 cup      
• Ghee - ½ tbsp.
• Cashewnuts - 8 to 10 
• Cardamom - 3 pounded

1. Grind 2 cups of Foxtail Millet in Mixer grinder coarsely.
2. Sieve it to separate the flour and rava.
3. Heat ½ tbsp. of ghee in a pan and fry the cashews till golden brown and keep it aside.
4. With the remaining ghee in the pan, roast the millet rava and moong dal til the colour turns a slight golden brown.
5. Add 3 cups of water to it and cook by continuous stirring. This organic rava takes a little longer time compared to Sooji.
6. Add the pounded/grated jaggery, coconut, cardamom and mix well.
7. Slowly add the milk.
8. As it starts boiling, add the fried cashews and cook for 10 more minutes.

Chef’s Tip
It can be served warm or chilled. The remaining flour can be used in dosa batter and roti dough.